I would NOT recommend this laptop or any Gateway at this point.


Gateway’s 15.6″ Ultra Slim Notebook is a classic example of cheap Chinese junk imported and branded under a trusted American company’s name and sold by a company that used to have the reputation of selling American goods only. (I pray that Sam Walton is RIP).

Technical support is nonexistent thru Gateway, and neither is the ability to even talk to anyone from that company. If you go to Gateway tech support on the internet it is a 3ed party called justanswer.com and is contracted by Gateway.  The 800 number supplied by the Walmart seller of the laptop (which says they don’t provide support call Gateway) and provided me with 1-800-895-6299 belonging to The Medical Support Center. That is the issue with the Company’s Walmart and Gateway. Walmart points you to the 3rd party seller Deals Shield then Deals Shield points to Gateway. What a scam.         Now let’s talk about the computer itself. The Ultra Slim Notebook is very flimsy (I am sure that is to reduce the weight of the computer). With that being said the USB ports are not supported very well and with use, they can and mine did become unusable. When plugged into a speaker system the static is unbearable. I can’t list all the troubles I have had with this laptop but the main issue is it keeps rebooting and Blue Screens after 5 minutes of use. Now it will not boot at all and hangs up on the boot screen. What do I have now? A $441.39 lightweight boat anchor.

I would NOT recommend this laptop or any Gateway at this point.

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