Welcome to SARKON.NET

I have made a decision as to the new theme for SARKON.NET. I have too many hobbies to pick just one. So I have decided to post on them all.

I love music and play the guitar and banjo. I am learning to play the Recorder and the Irish Tin Whistle.

I have a Bounty Hunter 3300 Metal Detector and love to hunt for lost items and treasure in parks and old home sites.

I am a HAM Radio operator (AA7YL) and run an iCom 7300 at my home QTH and belong to Southwest Arkansas HAM Radio Club in De Queen, Arkansas

I also have things that I have done in the past that I can now do now at the age of 72 and a stroke survivor. Such as the flyer to the left. In 2009 I rode my motorcycle to the Arctic Circle and back so I could have a cup of coffee with the Ice Road Truckers in Cold Foot Alaska. I couldn’t find any Truckers so I bought the T-Shirt and headed home.

SARKON.NET will have posts and add items on all my hobbies
Past, Present, and Future.

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