New Look For

zuki-qAll though I am not able to ride anymore my heart is still in it. I have made some great rides in my lifetime. I hope to share some of my rides with word and pictures.

My other passion is Amature Radio. Again I have lost a lot of memory and the abilities that I had during a 20 year Navy Carrier where I first got into HAM Radio with KR6KS in Naha Okinawa. I don’t remember the Air Force Sargent’s name that worked with me but he was like most of the Ham’s that I have met over the years, “Very Very Helpful. I was first licensed as a Novice in 1968 as KB4UEM. Then as a General KI7NH, Then as an Extra Class AA7YL. I must pay tribute to a real mentor, Phil Madson who lived in Safford, Arizona. If it wasn’t for Phill pushing me I would have left myself as a General Class. But Phill needed another Extra Class HAM to fill out his Exam Team. So he just keeps pushing and pushing. Thanks, Phil.

Here’s a picture of the KR6KS Station in Okinawa